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Its about Ruby on Rails – Kiran Soumya


Y do I like Scriptaculous?

Many doubt… Y do I like Scriptaculous?

I like Scriptaculous coz… I like Ajax…

mmm now don ask me Y do I like Ajax!

Scriptaculous demonstrates the usage of Ruby on Rails with AJAX helpers, and I luv all the script.aculo.us effects, drag-and-drop, Puff, Fade & Appear, Shrink & Grow… In-place Editor… etc etc. Everything… each n everythin…

I really cant stop thanking my young Guru, who introduced me to this.

And ofcourse, without Rails concept, all these effects wouldnt have been easily learnt! Like a curry(Rails) with all the spices(Scriptaculous) in it!

Rails is good! Ruby on Rails is the Best!

Ajax is Superb! Scriptaculous is Amazing and Fantastic!


Script.aculo.us 1.6.4 Released on 6th September.

Thomas Fuchs has sync’d up to the latest Prototype adding features along the way:

* Update Prototype to V1.5.0_rc1 (read more on Justin Palmer’s blog)
* Add experimental alternate syntax for unit tests (Behaviour Driven
* Merge assertElementsMatch and assertElementMatches from Prototype’s
[4986] unittest.js [Sam Stephenson]
* Add assertRespondsTo and shouldRespondTo assertions

// object var testObj = { isNice: function() { } } // test assertRespondsTo(’isNice’, testObj);

* Make Sortable.serialize handle DOM IDs like “some_element_1” correctly, fixes #5324
* Add support for onStart, onDrag and onEnd events directly on Draggables (invoked from the Draggables.notify), fixes #4747 [thx scriptkitchen]

new Draggable(’some_id’,{ onStart:function(){ /* … / }, onDrag:function(){ // }, onEnd:function(){ / … */ } });

* Add autoSelect option to Autocompleters to auto select an entry if only one is returned, fixes #5183 [thx cassiano dandrea]
* Added delay option to Draggables and Sortables, see test/functional/dragdrop_delay_test.html for usage, implements #3325 [thx lsimon, tomg]
* Add version and timestamp to indvidual library files for easier identification (the files are preprocessed by the Rake fresh_scriptaculous task), fixes #3015 [thx Tobie]
* Add assertIndentical and assertNotIdentical unit test assertions, which test for equality and common type, fixes #5822 [thx glazedginger]
* Add integration test for Ajax autocompleter for results with no linebreaks, #4149
* Added a custom exception to all base effects when used on non-
existing DOM elements, added a assertRaise method to unit tests
* Add element shortcuts to Builder that can be activated by calling Builder.dump() (see the unit test), fixes #4260 [thx napalm]

Builder.dump(); var element = DIV({id:’ghosttrain’},[ DIV({style:’font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold;’},[ H1(’Ghost Train’), \”testtext\”, 2, 3, 4, UL([ LI({onclick:’alert(’test’)’},’click me’) ]), ]), ]);

* Make Effect.Puff work correctly for floating elements, fixes #3777
[thx michael hartl]
* Fix selection of correct option in SELECT element generated by
InPlaceCollectionEditor for indexed option arrays, fixes #4789 [thx
* Fix an issue with redrawing ghosted draggables that are inside a
scrolled container, fixes #3860 [thx gkupps, tsukue]
* Fix autoscrolling inside scrollable containers when window is
scrolled too, fixes #5200 [thx wseitz]
* Fix autoscrolling when dragging an element unto a scrollable
container, fixes #5017 [thx tomg]
* Fix a condition where overriding the endeffect on Draggables without
overriding the starteffect too leads to a Javascript error [thx
Javier Martinez]
* Fix a possible error with the drag/drop logic (affects the solution
to #4706)
* Fix various issues with IE detection and Opera, and setOpacity, fixes
#3886, #5973
* Remove revert cache code obsoleted by #4706, fixes #3436 (again) [thx]