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Y do I like Scriptaculous?

Many doubt… Y do I like Scriptaculous?

I like Scriptaculous coz… I like Ajax…

mmm now don ask me Y do I like Ajax!

Scriptaculous demonstrates the usage of Ruby on Rails with AJAX helpers, and I luv all the script.aculo.us effects, drag-and-drop, Puff, Fade & Appear, Shrink & Grow… In-place Editor… etc etc. Everything… each n everythin…

I really cant stop thanking my young Guru, who introduced me to this.

And ofcourse, without Rails concept, all these effects wouldnt have been easily learnt! Like a curry(Rails) with all the spices(Scriptaculous) in it!

Rails is good! Ruby on Rails is the Best!

Ajax is Superb! Scriptaculous is Amazing and Fantastic!

One Response to Y do I like Scriptaculous?

  1. Nick Marinho says:

    I like this but many of effects to activate in a page require some experience.

    For newbies is very difficult to insert it things :(

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