How Secured is your Rails App?

What do you prefer in terms of Authentication?

Plugin – Restful Authentication (recommended) – easy to use and you can tweak it according to your requirements.

Build your own authentication. You should rarely need to do this … Restful Authentication is quite flexible.

OpenID – a universal authentication system to avoid use of multiple username and password on the Internet. OpenID is getting quite famous now-a-days.

Access Control : To easily proivde different priviliges to your users. There are a lot of cool plugins available for access control.

Centralized Authentication Server – is used to implement single login/password for your users across multiple application. It can also be used for a single sign-on system. For example, Gmail and Google Reader have a single sign-on between them.

Use Google Authentication API to let your users login using their google username and password.

More Plugins :

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