Poetry of Programming

Its about Ruby on Rails – Kiran Soumya


Coming up …! Soon rolling down on your hand…!

Increasing Download Rate per day…! Wow!

What happens when the new version of MarketSimplified Mobile App comes up…???

When was the last time you were confronted with a deluge of unnecessary information screaming for Msf_chart
your attention ?

Market Simplified :

1. World’s first totally user customizable Financial Homepage
2. Specialist Financial Search to give one click response to Financial queries
3. Safeguard your portfolio with a dynamic and perpetual alerts on a range of parameters
4. Carry your portfolio with you ; RSS feeds of your portfolio anytime
5. The stock markets in your hands with the MarketSimplified Mobile

Welcome to the world of Market Simplified! Investing simplified.

For users who use Smart Phones and have GPRS enabled, please lo g in to
to download the latest MSF mobile application available ‘Over The Air’.

Yup..! Its Black…!! …its Berry..!!!


My Cubicle…

After a long (sick) break…

So far update as of now is… My cubicle… (I like the way it is …!)
My new Dell Xps laptop on left … Robo on right… My work PC in between…
And I am working on digging out the valuable Diamond app :)