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Its about Ruby on Rails – Kiran Soumya


Best Article in November,2006!

Today I happened to visit a good article, David H. Hansson on the Future of Rails, where the InfoQ editor asks David about the future of rails in enterprises, the scalability and comparision of Java with Rails.

His interview teaches every developer how to really proceed to a project. Implement all ideas without really worrying about performance/scalability. This is like “Concentrate on Application but not bugs at first!” Then sort out pointing exactly where is the bottleneck? Then get that solved… coz every problem has solution.(Nothing is impossible)


Y do I like Scriptaculous?

Many doubt… Y do I like Scriptaculous?

I like Scriptaculous coz… I like Ajax…

mmm now don ask me Y do I like Ajax!

Scriptaculous demonstrates the usage of Ruby on Rails with AJAX helpers, and I luv all the script.aculo.us effects, drag-and-drop, Puff, Fade & Appear, Shrink & Grow… In-place Editor… etc etc. Everything… each n everythin…

I really cant stop thanking my young Guru, who introduced me to this.

And ofcourse, without Rails concept, all these effects wouldnt have been easily learnt! Like a curry(Rails) with all the spices(Scriptaculous) in it!

Rails is good! Ruby on Rails is the Best!

Ajax is Superb! Scriptaculous is Amazing and Fantastic!