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Its about Ruby on Rails – Kiran Soumya


Ubuntu + ROR + Mysql + Svn +VPN

Every time we install Ruby/Rails/Mysql/Rmagick/Vpn on Ubuntu Gutsy or Hardy we face the same  errors again and again. Lets reduce the installation time and have a loop-back-fix-free or smooth installation experience.

After you run the CD or install Ubuntu, make sure of your Network Proxies if any, if so, you need to add the proxy url at System->preferences->Network Proxy.

then from terminal, make sure this passes…

sudo apt-get update

then for Mysql/Rails installation follow this:


and for VPN installation/connection on Ubuntu, this is the best guide:



The Hidden Treasure

 All thats nice, sweet and makes one happy is a treasure. And if anything of that sort is hidden is called the Hidden Treasure I mean… what you say?

Well, I am talking about “My fav. singer” and thats the talent of my best buddy thats hidden..


JRuby on Rails in Glassfish V3

Yesterday it happened to come across an article on “Mingle: A Rails based enterprise product” by Thoughtworks Studio.

They have used Jruby on Rails for many reasons, which made me even more curious to browse around and know on it more and more but comprises three main points…

>  Invoking Java code from Ruby

>  Or Java libraries can be used with Ruby syntax

> Deploy Rails apps on Java app servers via WAR files

(thereby the rails app can be your desktop application avoiding to create a seperate desktop app) 

The idea is seriously damn cool…


Common Query: What does Engineering doing in Software Engineering?

Writing code or set of programs result into “Software products” that are generic or customized according to the customer specifications. Now whats this Engineering doing out here? This is a quite common query…

Engineering in general terms mean “The application of Science to the design, building and use of  machines, constructions etc.”

Composing the both… the definition of Software Engineering results into

“The art,craft and science of building large and important software systems. It is an amalgam of artistry, craftsmanship and scientific thought”



Process Tool

The reason why the projects are categorized into large, medium, small, and very small is that they need to follow different processes for development.  

  Small and Very Small projects should follow only Waterfall Model, whereas Medium size projects follow either Waterfall or Iterative model. Lastly, Large projects follow either Waterfall or Iterative or Incremental model.

Therefore a large project and a very small project cannot follow the same steps while executing deliveries.    To keep a large project on track, one needs to have substantial processes in place, whereas having few processes leads to the risk of unmanaged processes, which may lead to failure.    Whereas, for a small project, having a huge process makes it a tedious and unnecessary overhead.