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Its about Ruby on Rails – Kiran Soumya


Installing RVM & Git through Proxy

RVM relies on GIT.

So set proxy for GIT first.

*  Set the http_proxy environment
*  Set a proxy command to bypass the connection:
gcc -o connect connect.c
mv connect ~/bin
echo “/home/kiran/bin/connect -H proxy.company.com:6030 $@” >> ~/bin/proxy
chmod +x ~/bin/proxy

echo “export GIT_PROXY_COMMAND=proxy” >> .bashrc

Now try git clone. If it doesnt work, try out the following the command.

export http_proxy=http://<username>:<password>@<proxy_ip>:<proxy_port>

This line below also works like a charm for GIT,

git config --global http.proxy proxy_addr:proxy_port

Once the GIT is configured, for RVM, you need to do one more change for curl,
Set the proxy inside your ~/.curlrc

proxy = proxy.company.com:proxy_port

and now you can install rvm with no issues.

For rvm install thru proxy:

rvm install X --proxy proxy.company.com:proxy_port

If two developers are under the same user-group, we can even clone/copy the .rvm folder within two users without explicit installations.

Some more references:
http://zipizap.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/cloning-rvm-to-other-user-you-can-just-copy-the-rvm-directory/ [This worked for me as well]


Weird, Rare… and what not !

Apart from Redhat Linux, I’m also trying to set up my Rails app on a Win XP Pro machine to clarify some Ajax effects in IE. IE used system hosts file very well. But at the same time, on the same OS,  my latest Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.1 ignores the same hosts file. And this only happens when Proxy Server is used.

I didn’t understand why the configuration works only with IE, but not with
Mozilla. Makes no sense to me at all.

I am sure that I have set no proxy for localhost, and I have even tried setting no proxy for the local IP range like where my working IP lies in between. Glory ! it worked…!!!

Ofcourse, I googled with suggestions of clearing cache and subscription to 5$ monthly plan to know the solution. So this info.. is for those who uses proxy and gets weird cases like this… Enjoy the solution,  absolutely free…! :)