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Rake Task in Rails 3 on Production ENV

Cannot execute Rake Task in production environment? Does it throws errors of uninitialized objects or refuses to load Model classes?

To execute a rake task for eager loading we require,
config.threadsafe! to be disabled in production which is enabled by default.

But our requirement is to get it disabled only on running a rake task.

Rake already sets a Ruby global: $rails_rake_task

So, in config/environments/production.rb, just say:

 config.threadsafe! unless $rails_rake_task

2 Responses to Rake Task in Rails 3 on Production ENV

  1. Brice says:


    I have exactly the same problem that you wrote some lines before.

    My required model is on a gem and even if I change config.threadsafe as you said, nothing works and the model is still “uninitialized constant”.

    I tried a lot of things and followed a lot of tutorials like this one :

    Do you have any idea ?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. kiran says:

    Did you require the environment on your rake task like,

    task :name_of_task => :environment do


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