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Windows 7 and ROXIO

I recently got my XPS M1330 notebook upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7.It happened that one day I need to burn a CD and found that ROXIO DVD Creator is no more working though I have used it less. I have found the collection of CDs given by Dell and re-installed ROXIO Creator 9.  Thats it ! I made my own Axe on neck. Everytime I boot up my notebook. a pop up near the windows toolbar stating “This driver has got compaitibity issues with windows blah… blah…” and then the following errors appear:Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime LibraryRuntime Error!Program:…ommon Files\RoxioShare\9.0\SharedCom\(application).exeThe application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.Please contact the applications support team for more information – OR – Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime LibraryRuntime Error!Program: C:\Program Files\Roxio\(application folder)\(application name).exeR6025- pure virtual functional call I should say its more than a nightmare. This error keep popping up by freezing my notebook every 10-15 minutes approx. I tried all my ways of uninstalling it by following this support url of ROXIO.http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/kb/Creator/000127CR&PARAMS=But No Go !The error continued  for several Days..  Irritated and frustrated, today i just sat for hours to fix it. Finally I did it. Took almost 6 hours to google it and fix it though.I am blogging it to help another “Sufferer” of Roxio.Step 1:  I have got ROXIO installed as many Programs infact using the Roxio Creator 9 CD given by Dell.

  • “Roxio Audio”
  • “Roxio MyDVD”
  • “Roxio Drag and Disc” etc.. with update manager included.

Step 2: Instead of uninstalling the programs through Control Panel remove programs. Uninstall themFrom Program Files -> roxio XXX -> UninstallFollow this support url ->   http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/kb/Creator/000127CR&PARAMS= Step 3: I did everything but I couldnt delete Program Files -> Commom Files -> Roxio Shared/Sonic Shared.It says that it is used by some other application. Those are nothing but# RoxWatchTray9.exe# RoxMediaDB9.exe# VideoWave9.exe# MyDVD9.exe# MediaManager9.exe# DiscCopier9.exe# RXLabelCreator.exeStep 4:  I opened Task Manager in Windows 7 , it didn’t showed me any of these processes running. Here lies the main story. Due to which I couldnt delete the Roxio Shared under common files folder which is the root cause of Runtime error Popping up now and then.I even ran to buy Perfect uninstaller Software by reading this :http://www.squidoo.com/uninstallroxioI used that software and got ROXIO uninstalled though.Later I found “Show all process from all users” tab under Task Manager wherein you can end that process of roxioxxx.exe running and easily delete that Roxio shared folder under common files.Great ! those Perfect uninstaller people are earning on Roxio. Kudos to them! Kicks to roxio! and Sorries for other Users (like me)! But dont worry, just try the above steps.

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  1. James says:

    Thanks Man! this was a real pain in the #@%^#%^ and I almost fell for the perfectuninstaller purchase too!
    you rock!

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