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The “remembered” three fishes story…

Instead of using the word “unforgettable story”, I should say this story is always remembered in every act of my life.

The story is a lesson of my telugu detailed text book in my school days and it is … as follows:

Once upon a time, there lived three fishes in a lake. Their names are “Bhuddimathi”, “Kalamathi” and “Mandamathi”. I hope you got the story by names… But still let me continue… They used to live together and lead a happy undisturbed life in the lake. But one day suddenly… villains appeared… two fishermen… they were standing next to the lake and talking about fishing this place soon. They have decided to come with nets and other things the next week. The three fishes who heard this got scared… Bhuddimathi has decided to start to the next lake near by before those fishermen come. The next day early morning itself, it alerted the other two fishes and reached the other lake safely. The other two fishes thought there was lots of time left to them so they took it easy. Finally, the two fishermen approached the lake one day before they planned… Kalamathi as it is smart… acted dead once its caught. And thinking that fish was really dead .. the fisherman threwed it back to the lake. And it safely started its journey to other lake. But the third fish “Mandamathi” finally who could neither be like Bhuddimathi acting before nor like Kalamathi acting smart was fated to death due to its negligence.

So from then… in every work I do… my mom alerts me saying… be like Bhuddimathi study before itself or complete your work before itself… Even now… in anything… if I have to get fruits or if I have to get milk for curd or if I have to book my tickets to vizag or in anything.. this Kalamathi, Mandamathi and Bhuddimathi characters appear… Always I prove her to be Kalamathi but never Bhuddimathi…

But nowadays seriously… I improved from Kalamathi to Bhuddimathi… Believe me Mom!

2 Responses to The “remembered” three fishes story…

  1. kamesh says:

    This is a wonderfull story, but I remember another version of this story in our telugu textbooks where one of the fishes name is ‘deerghakaludu’..
    But I’m not getting the other names as I’ve read it long long back.
    The essense of the story just stayed in my mind all the time…

  2. Raju says:

    Thanks kiran,

    My grand-mom told this story so many times in my childhood.
    Now I am proud father to my sweet princes. So now its my turn to tell these stories.Unfortunately I forget this script except the fish names. I am trying to recollect this beautiful story from past few days but not able to do so. Thanks to google also, it leads me to this page by searching with fish names.

    Thanks again.

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