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Dilemma of a Developer under TL

I have a group of friends in big MNC software fields… who complain a lot about their Tls … almost every day… And I cant complain in return because I dont have one !!! Infact.. I am the Tl/owner of my own Task..

But when a developer works under someone or managed by someone… that someone becomes a Guru for the developer. As an Indian Slogan…”Guru Devo Bhava !” [which means “Guru is equal to God”].

But if there are too many Gurus…??? Simple… Too many Gods… :)
Taken Project on Hand… Incremental Developments or Releases are possible only when…

1> The manager knows… whos eligible for what… On a situation to give freedom to developers.. tasks decided within the group need to be known to everyone.

2> When you let the developer complete implementing his whole idea whatever he understands… after a ONE-TIME compulsory discussion/Goal achievement Plan — and thats perfect ! Because Guru is God !

3> Without completion of this one-time plan by the developer… never add new stuff/discussions that confuses the developer neither to complete his past work nor do the newly added stuff.

4> Any debates on the idea to be taken place only with the right person or the creator who knows everything.
5> The bottomline should surely be shared with the developer who ultimately needs to complete the goal.

6> Thereby the easy developer feels easy to release whatever on hand and every week meetings includes the happy releases whether it is accepted/rejected. This surely makes the track of the work and the developer.

7> Arguments/debates are allowed weekly once to change the plan or update it to make this another solid release.

8> A plan that changes daily is never said or called it as a “Plan”. If planning is perfect… then releases are perfect…

Hey Tls…! If you set the plan … then the developer is just a perfect mirror of your plans/ideas… or else leave everything to the developer… sometimes he knew better than you…!!!

Never blame the Developer rather believe… Because He gives Life for it as he is the one who builds it !!!

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