Poetry of Programming

Its about Ruby on Rails – Kiran Soumya


Embedding Flash in Google Gadget !

A static flash play can be easily embedded using _IG_EmbedFlash() function in the gadget but since we need to load the xml according to the User Login preferences. I need to do some more modifications.

The issue I faced here is :

For security reasons, a Macromedia Flash playing in a web browser is not allowed to access data that resides outside the exact web domain from which the SWF originated.

Since google loads modules from 97.gmodules.com domain, extracting data from marketsimplified domain becomes external.

Cross-domain policy file has to be created to make it work.

(Ref: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_14213&sliceId=2)

But still I didnt get it to work… unless on top of this, I have to do some workaround as described in this url…

However finally… its up and running…


Syndication of My MarketSimplified Portfolio Chart

Its Simple…
Just go to Google gadget Directory and search for MarketSimplified Portfolio Chart or
Click here

If you can click on "Add to your Webpage" button there, then you can reach a page where you can first configure your Gadget Settings by entering your MarketSimplified Portfolio User name and country. And then do some colouring and adjustment of the gadget size by dragging the ends.

Finally,Click on Priview Changes button below.  If you are confirmed and happy with your colorful changes, then click on "Get the Code" button just below the page.

Finally paste the code on your Weblog like me…


My Cubicle…

After a long (sick) break…

So far update as of now is… My cubicle… (I like the way it is …!)
My new Dell Xps laptop on left … Robo on right… My work PC in between…
And I am working on digging out the valuable Diamond app :)


Rain, Rain Go Away!

Rain, Rain Go Away ..!
I hate you all the way…

Dont come even some other day…
Rain, Rain Go… away .. !!!


Five Hot Technologies for 2007

   1. Ruby on Rails
        Faster, easier Web development (link)

   2. NAND drives
        Bye-bye, HDD?

   3. Ultra-Wideband
        200x personal-area networking

   4. Hosted hardware
        Supercomputing for the masses

   5. Advanced CPU architectures
        Penryn, Fusion and more

Further notes here


Day Trader’s Dilemma

by Lawrence Andraschko

from WallStreetPoet.com

Should I sell or should I hold?

If I hold there could be trouble,

But if I sell, the stock could double.

Am I weak or am I bold?

Should I sell or should I hold?

My stock keeps going up.

Better pour myself another cup.

All this coffee makes me jitter,

Have I picked another winner?

Am I weak or am I bold?

Should I sell or should I hold?

This indecision is killing me.

The price is falling and I have to pee.

Do I hold my bladder and my stock,

Or do I sell and use the pot?

Am I weak or am I bold?

Should I sell or should I hold?

The stock goes up and I wait no more,

I sell my shares and hit the floor.

A little profit beats a loss,

How I suffer as my own boss.

Am I weak or am I bold?

Should I sell or should I hold?

Nature keeps calling and I need a plan,

Maybe kitty litter or some sand.

Put it right beneath my desk,

Then I wouldn’t make a mess.

Am I weak or am I bold?

Should I sell or should I hold?


New View for my blog

Stand Apart From the Crowd…!


MARCH marches on…

Time marches on and on,

And waits for None.

Happiness marches on and on,

With all the fun arouN(d).

Dreams marches on and on,

With all the trust and confidence Lights ON.

Learning marches on and on,

With all the new breaking technologies… go on!

Life in INXS marches on and on,

With a sweet remembrance of joining date on ….

20th March…!



Vizag Beach From Kailashgiri

Some more Good Pics






Yesterday’s Old-Technology is Today’s latest!!
Wat abt Tommorrow’s ???

Dunno about tommorrow… :(
None can Predict !
So lets go for today itself :-)
ie. Latest Technology !!!